Network settlement services

To organize, establish, develop, and provide communicative network settlement services by the membership, neighborhood, Website, seminars and meetings, help the members overcome the feeling of isolated and ignored and without any support in Toronto.

Social services

To instruct and support the members of the community to connect with Putonghua community, get help to overcome the feeling lonely and get valuable information for living and working and education, solve social problems and family problem in the community, help children and teenagers overcome stress and loneliness, take care of the members who need psychological and physical help, less fortunate.

Culture service

To keep and develop Chinese language and culture, contribute to the multicultural country by holiday events, movies / TV / show and so on, make the Putonghua speaking families and people feel like at home country in Canada.

Senior services

To recruit volunteers and collect information of the needs from seniors, and organize the volunteers to provide senior services.

After school children education services

To recruit volunteers and collect information of the needs from the local families, and organize the volunteers to provide after school children educational service.

Advocacy services

To co-ordinate with the governments and other organizations, listen and convey the voice of the community to the governments, M.P.s, M.P.P.s, and Toronto Councilors, develop the community into the mainstream of the society.

Human right protection services

To protect the women, senior, children, youth and others human right, against any abuse and discriminations. Special family counseling for Chinese vulnerable family including emotional abused wife/husband.