About Us


Our Mission

To help disadvantaged social groups, racial minorities, immigrants to integrate to the society; to improve the quality of their lives; to promote the social harmony.

Our History

The New Canadian Community Centre (NCCC) is a volunteer based community services network with more than 1500 registered members. Our primary focus is to provide a variety of immigrant settlement services to the Chinese immigrants in the Greater Toronto area, to assist new immigrants integrating to the Canadian society, to establish a dialogue, and to promote multiculturalism by means of organizing, establishing, developing social network through social events, seminars, meetings and website. Our large community volunteer network covers over 200,000 Mandarin-speaking Canadian Chinese who came from Mainland China.

Since our establishment in 2001, we have provided series valuable services for seniors, children and other new Chinese immigrants. We have organized over 20 major community events, including the Celebration of the Chinese Canadian Seniors Day, the Spring Festival Gala, June 1st Children’s Day Track & Field Fun Game, and six consecutive Toronto International Seniors’ Festivals.

Our Mandate

  1. To organize, establish, develop, and manage the huge communicative networks by the membership, Website, holiday events, seminars and meetings
  2. To keep and develop Chinese language and culture, contribute to the multicultural country
  3. To provide immigrant settlement services, help the members adapt to the communities in Canada
  4. To instruct and support the members of the community to establish and develop their businesses, training and help them to find jobs
  5. To co-ordinate with the governments and other organizations, listen and convey the voice of the community to the governments, M.P.s, M.P.P.s, and Toronto Councilors
  6. To solve social problems in the community, take care of the newcomers and? members who need psychological and physical help, less fortunate
  7. To connect the international businesses and cultural exchange between Canada and China
  8. To protect the human rights and the benefits of the members by law. Special family counseling for Chinese vulnerable family including emotional abused wife/husband.

Our Services and Achievement

  1. Established and developed the biggest Mandarin Chinese community and Settlement Services Network in the GTA to date. The organization involves 5 Sunset Seniors Clubs, 3 recreation sites, oneChinese School, 29 chapters based on the geographic locations and 15 chapters based on the professions. We have provided new immigrants settlement services and community social services, such as providing settlement information sessions on services needed by most of the new immigrants.
  2. The vast majority of our members have received University education and with professional skills. We have 15 professional affiliations to provide professional services and counseling to the members, such as seminars and training sessions.
  3. Established a large Chinese community network for members to locate their surrounding neighborhood services.
  4. Provided 40 much needed Putonghua seminars/counseling/information sessions on the issues concerned by the new immigrants.
  5. We have hosted the First International Chinese Senior Festival in Toronto in the fall of 2002 with the City funding. We also successfully organized four major Chinese festival celebrations, including the Lunar Chinese New Year Celebration Party.
  6. Founded the Chinese Language and Culture School for Children, also provided seminars on settlement for adults.
  7. Established 22 member companies with Trustworthy Businesses & Services rewards for providing excellent services to the members. The program has benefited the entire community by introducing the available services to new immigrants within the community.
  8. More than 400 volunteers spent 12,000 hours providing settlement services to more than 10,000 participants.
  9. Almost all major media have reported our activities, with more than one hundred news releases on international/local web sites, newspapers, radios and TV (CBC, OMNI2).
  10. 150,000 visitors have visited our web site www.putonghua.ca in 2002.