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公益讲座: 加国政府福利及有关税务问题


Canada has many kinds of social benefits, which type of benefits are you qualify for? How do you apply? The taxing related issues regarding the bebefit. Our new canadian community center will help all new and old immigrants to answer these questions. The following topic is included in our seminar:

1 新移民可以申请哪些福利?
2 我们拿到的GST,CCTB牛奶金要缴税吗?
3 什么样的家庭可以申请托儿补助subsidy?
4 RESP教育储蓄津贴也是一项福利吗?
5 上班族(青壮年)什么情况下可享受相关政府福利?
6 享受老人金的条件是什么?老人有哪些税务优惠?
7 联邦税制概述,没有收入也要报税吗?
8 巧用与我们息息相关的税务知识,让资产安全,稳健增值。

1 Which kind of benefit are new immigrants qualify to apply?
2 Do you need to pay tax on GST, CCTB child benefit?
3 What kind of family are eligible for Child Care Supplement?
4 What is RESP?
5 Under what condition people at work is eligible for government benefit?(health insurance, EI… )
6 What is the requirment for CPP? The tax benefit for seniors.
7 General information on government taxing. Does a person without income pay tax?
8 Useful tax knowledge for everyone.

订座电话: 416-939-3598 Ms Xu
地址:250 Consumers road ,suite 1002 ,ON M2J 4V6
(Sheppard Ave and Victoria park)西南边

Organizer: New Canadian Community Center
Time: Sept 4th, Saturday 2:00-3:00 pm
Telephone: 416-939-3598 Ms Xu
Address: 250 Consumers road ,suite 1002 ,ON M2J 4V6
(Sheppard Ave and Victoria park)


Toronto Symphony Orchestra September Concerts

Group discount available with order of 15 tickets or more

Please call TSO Chinese hotline during office hours at
或瀏覽中文網頁or visit Chinese website

Venue: Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto

Lang Lang
Lang Lang

日期:September 27 (Mon) 8:00 pm BUY TICKETS

指揮:安震恒 (Peter Oundjian)
鋼琴:郎朗 (Lang Lang)
Ticket price from $49

Mozart: Overture to The Magic Flute, K. 620
Brahms: Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90
Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major


One of today’s most dynamic and sought-after artists, Lang Lang, returns to the TSO to celebrate Liszt’s anniversary by performing his great Piano Concerto No. 1. The turbulent drama of Brahms’s third symphony adds further lustre to the programme.

Isabel Bayrakdarian

Mahler Resurrection Symphony

日期:September 23 (Thurs) 8:00 pm BUY TICKETS
September 25 (Sat) 8:00 pm BUY TICKETS

指揮:安震恆 (Peter Oundjian)
女高音:Isabel Bayrakdarian
次女高音:Susan Platts
Toronto Mendelssohn Choir
Ticket price from $40

Mahler: Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection”


Mahler’s overwhelming hymn to eternity – performed in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his birth – launches the season in magnificent fashion. Peter Oundjian, the full TSO, a huge chorus, and two brilliant vocal soloists lead you on an awe-inspiring journey from the trials of earthly life to the last judgment – and beyond.

Louis Lortie
Schumann & Chopin

日期:September 30 (Thurs) 8:00 pm BUY TICKETS
October 2 (Sat) 8:00 pm BUY TICKETS

指揮:安震恆 (Peter Oundjian)
鋼琴:Louis Lortie
Ticket price from $32

Robert Turner: Opening Night
Schumann: Piano Concerto
Chopin: Andante spianato and Grand Polonaise
Schumann/orch. Mahler: Symphony No. 2

齊來慶賀兩位超浪漫作曲家舒曼與蕭邦的二百歲冥壽。鋼琴家 Louis Lortie 把

Celebrate the two-hundredth anniversaries of the superromantic composers, Robert Schumann and Frédéric Chopin! Pianist Louis Lortie brings his unsurpassed joie de vivre and tenderness both to Schumann’s lovely concerto and Chopin’s ode to his Polish homeland. You’ll also enjoy Schumann’s Symphony No. 2, performed with Gustav Mahler’s insightfully edited orchestration.


Just when Mid-Autumn Festival and double ninth festival, the activity of Ninth Toronto International Day of Old persons will be hold by New Canadian Community Center at Korean Center, Sep 25th . The annually Toronto International Day of Old Persons will not only show spiritual outlook that the older enjoy life, but also manifest the respect for elders and national moral excellence of loving the old.

现定于8月24日(星期二)上午11:00在145 Sheppard Ave. E. Unit 100, North York, Ontario, M2N 3A7举行新闻发布会,敬请参加。
The press conference is decided to be held in Aug 24th (Tuesday) 11am, at 145 Sheppard Ave. E. Unit 100, North York, Ontario, M2N 3A7. Please come to participate.


一年一度的多伦多国际老年节,伴随着中秋佳节和重阳节的脚步,又一次到来了。新华人联合会(原普华会)主办的第九届多伦多国际老年节活动,将于今年9月25日在位于1133 Leslie Street的韩国会馆(见附地图)举办。
The annually Toronto International Day of Seniors comes again with Mid – autumn (Moon) Festival and Double ninth Day. New Canadian Community Centre (NCCC) will held activities of the ninth Toronto International Day of Seniors at Korean center, 1133 Leslie Street,
Sep 25th. (The map is attached)

The activity of Toronto International Day of Seniors, which was applied by NCCC and approved by Canadian government, intended to show
multiculturalism. Our mission is “Make the olders enjoy achievement and entertainment; Brings honor to the Chinese nation, reverence for elders, to love the old fine tradition.” We are trying to make the older living in Canada can feel fresh air, beautiful natural scenery and warm familial affection of the community, as well as a happier and healthier life.

The topic of this International Day of Seniors is “Happy Sunset”, which will show spiritual outlook that the elders live in Canada enjoy life and manifest the respect for elders and national moral excellence of loving the older.” Through this activity, we are trying to create a stage for the elders to communicate, make more seniors to show their talent and help them to reduce loneliness, which will have great benefit for their health and dedications for Canada, multi-cultural society.

The activity of the International Day of Seniors involves: singingand dancing; Instrumental music performance; Taichi Kongfu; model show and others happy games.


办公室地址:208 – 101 Placer Crt. North York, Ontario, M2H 3H9


查询电话:647-728-1594 416-850-6630

Some of tickets are available:
Above 55 years old persons: free (Please call NCCC to book tickets or pick up tickets in our office)
Above 12 years old persons: $3 per ticket, $5 for two tickets (Please buy tickets in our office)

Office address: 208 – 101 Placer Crt. North York, Ontario, M2H 3H9

Telephone:647-728-1594 416-850-6630


We had a good weather at the weekend, so we hurried to join a party held by Yurencun, Senior, healthy and happy Club.

I have already heard about this club before, however; I didn’t have chance to visit it. To be honest, I am really curious and excited on the way. There are eight activity locations among the NCCC and it is one of most characterized locations.

When I went to the meeting room, I immediately found lots of kindness: familiar local accent, warm smiling face, and unconstraint behavior. I felt like I came to a very familiar place without any strange feelings.

There are several long tables, which were located at corners of walls. There are some seats around tables. Everyone sat around tables and chatted. Some seniors also took their grandson and granddaughter; and they greeted to others. Tender local accent made people feel the soul of Chinese culture “respect for elders and care for the young” will pass on in this beautiful society.

The party is really meaningful and a game with winning award ran through it. The content of this game is some material about environmental protection, which people might feel familiar but always ignore. There are no harangue about the importance of environmental protection and no explanation about feasibility of environmental protection in theory. However there are some simple questions about refuse classification. We cannot underestimate these questions since we always do but we are unable to do it perfectly. The most important thing is there is implication ‘Everyone needs to start to protect our environment by themselves. Through these games, I realized the intention of the organization when I saw the happy face of winners. They want to popularize concepts and knowledge about environment protection. Frankly speaking, I learned a lot from it since I usually ignored or had no idea about the material.

The performance usually involves playing instruments, singing and dancing, so did this party. It included melodious flute, deep urheen, lively koto and nice songs. The lovely children played traditional Chinese KongFu for the seniors; seniors chicly played Taichi. There are beautiful peacock dance, local storytelling and ballad, Huangmei opera, Peking Opera. At that time, I can only be a listener since I learned little about traditional opera.

The performance of fitness ball left me a deep impression. The colorful ball knocked on different Acupuncture points of human body, which brought people a massage as well as esthetical fun. What suddenly came to my mind was that I should take over the fitness ball and knock on my poor body.

Yurencun Senior, healthy and happy Club has developed fast these years. Now it has already become the biggest activity center among NCCC. It has already had 130 members. They enjoyed themselves and had great union. Some of the members are from Hongkong and cannot speak Mandarin. It seems that they got some trouble in communications, but they really had fun at this healthy and happy club. I thought it would be great if all the seniors feel happy just like those in NCCC, when they just arrive.



1 新移民可以申请哪些福利?

2 我们拿到的GST,CCTB牛奶金要缴税吗?

3 我可以申请托儿补助subsidy吗?

4 RESP教育储蓄津贴也是一项福利吗?

5 上班族(青壮年)什么情况下可享受政府福利?

6 享受老人金的条件是什么?

7 退休老人要报税吗?有哪些税务优惠?


联系人:Ms Xu



地址:250 consumers rd ,unit 1002 NORTH YORK

(Sheppard ave /Victoria park 西南边)



我们为配合联邦政府普及教育储蓄计划,特举办有关这方面的免费国语讲座,欢迎朋友们参加!内容如下:1, 牛奶金CCTB,安省补贴OCB与家庭收入的关系,如何申请?如何计算?



4, 孩子有免费牙齿护理吗?






讲座地点:250 CONSUMERS Rd, unit 1002.(Sheppard ave/Victoria park)

时间: 8月7日,周六上午 11 :00AM—12:30PM

8月14日,周六下午2:00pm—3:30 pm


联系电话:416-939-3598 徐女士。